Protest at the Windsor performance of Cirque’ Estival

Article online since June 11st 2009, 9:02

Circus concerns
Susan Clark, a concerned citizen from Greenwood, and Vice President Scott Saunders of the Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART), were the first to arrive at Exhibition Arena in Windsor June 10 to protest the Fabulous Estival Circus. A small group gathered in protest with concerns for Limba, The Fabulous Estival Circus Elephant. The group alleges the 45-year-old animal should not be part of the touring company
If the article is short on the details of the story, such as the fact that the Nova Scotia SPCA is opposed to the use of elderly elephant in circus and the fact that the society sent an official letter of protest on the subject to the Dept of Natural Resources, ( see More than one kind of circus in NS this week ) AND the fact that since then, the society have noted Eleven more violations discovered at traveling circus . …. well if it didn’t include any of that at least it did at least mention Limba’s story. Which is a lot more than the local radio station who basically dismissed the concerns of interested animal lovers.
Cirque de Soleil has done so well that its owner is able to spend the really big bucks to become Canada’s first space tourist. They put on breathtaking, heart stopping shows without using any circus animals.
Protests are important, but at the end of the day the most effective protest is to talk talk talk to your friends and family and neighbours so that they are aware of the issue and (hopefully) can make an informed choice NOT to buy Cirque Estival tickets.

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