On being the better person …. so to speak

According to family legend, my paternal grandmother wouldn’t speak to her eldest daughter for decades after Aunt Jo committed the cardinal crime of marrying a Protestant. (the topic of how the old school priests used to ‘brainwash’ their parishioners in such a negative way is a separate rant for another day) It didn’t matter that my uncle was a good kind man. Nor did she care that The Protestant was the only faithful and devoted husband to marry any of her daughters.
Like begets like …. and by the time I was an adult, most of the family wasn’t even on speaking terms with my grandmother. After all, if folks can’t forget, they can never really forgive.
Animal lovers often take a fair bit of ribbing about attaching ‘human’ characteristics to their pets…. yet the plain unvarnished truth is that in many instances animals can prove to be the “bigger” souls.
Take Dave, for instance. When he was brought to the Oromocto Area SPCA Inc., by the local AC, he was in horrible shape. Not only did he have a really nasty ear infection, but he had also been wounded in his hindquarters. While it is speculation to suggest that he narrowly escaped being shot simply for being a senior, it is sadly not unheard of either in NB or here in NS: (((
However it happened, Dave is an incurable optimist and has responded in kind to the good care he has received at the shelter. He is house trained and neutered and has charmed everyone at the shelter. I know I say it all the time, but the person who adopts Dave is going to get more love and devotion than they could possibly imagine
Because at the end of the day, dogs are more like people ought to be than they actually are.

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