Valley bits and a sweet senior on the Island

Its Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, so between that and the election, there haven’t been a lot of posts about dogs here lately. Happily things are ticking along just fine here with my own crew ….. with McG’s health issues that is not something I take for granted. But, as my friend Joan says, unconditional love works wonders.
I had an email earlier today about another senior dog, her name is Sage and she is in very short term foster over on the island. Sage is twelve, crate trained and all her vaccines and blood screening are up to date. She was surrendered by her owner and her foster Mom says that Sage gets along really well with kids and cats.
Anyone who has shared space with a senior can tell you what Zen company they are. And everyone who meets Sage falls right in love with her, but unfortunately is either already ‘full up’ or not in a position to have their own dog right now.
If anyone is interested in adopting Sage, send an email to the webmaster link on the homeless pet site ( ) and I’ll forward it on to
the folks who will be screening applications for this very sweet ‘golden grrrl
Another lovely thing that I just noticed this past week is that the Annapolis County pound, which is where all the pets in CAPS‘ care originally come from, now has a page with pictures of all the dogs in their care on the county website , . Until CAPS has foster space for these dogs and can assume custody of them, they can be adopted directly from the pound.
How it works is that AC asks for a fifty dollar check for a deposit. Once they are presented with proof of spay or neuter, the check is shredded. All the contact info for Annapolis County AC is on the page.
CAPS is trying lots of new things this spring …. I’ve already mentioned the neat little ‘baby shower’ that is being held this sunday …. the next weekend CAPS is having a Man’s Best Friend Luncheon and Adoption Fair to celebrate Father’s Day. More info on both events can be found at
That same weekend, the Kings SPCA, , is doing two things on the 21st. There is an Adoption Fair at the shelter and Canine Good Neighbour Testing, along with a BBQ and information booths, at the parking lot of Global Foods.
Do you remember the three older dogs that were rescued by one of our local TNR groups a few months ago? Smokey is the last fellow left and is available at the TLC Animal Shelter …. they are looking for a quiet home where he will have the security of someone who is patient enough to help this sweet and appealing fellow adjust. Until he was rescued, he had spent his whole life tied up outside with two other dogs.
But …. because it IS Adopt a Shelter cat month, no discussion of Valley Seniors would be complete without mentioning ten year old Jazz . He is a handsome little short haired grey fellow with a little white ‘ fairy’ star on his chest. In his picture he looks utterly lost. After ten years of living with the same fellow, enjoying the country comfort of a cozy fire, Jazz suddenly found himself in a cage at the Valley Animal Shelter when his owner decided to move out west.
I know I go on and on like a stuck record about the need for better animal welfare laws. Its just a damn shame that we can’t legislate common sense while we’re at it, eh?

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