Someone ‘forgot’ to pack the pregnant cat

Just imagine what it would be like to find a nice house to rent …. then to move in and find that the previous tenants had “forgotten” to take their pregnant cat when they left. There are very few people who could be so cold hearted as to not try to help the cat … and in turn her kittens. The kittens have been born and indeed they are eight weeks old. Good homes have been found for all but these two little lads.
Regular readers know that between the three adults that I still refer to as the Kiddles and the wonderful eldercat who has been my faithful friend for very nearly fifteen years now … and of course more recently, Dora and Oscar, this middle aged granny is definitely ‘full up’
Actually, the little guy on the right looks a lot like a much younger Oscar and if he turns out to be even half as sweet he’d still be a great cat.
Isn’t it nice to know that there are people who can, and do, pick a better and more humane path than drowning or abandoning kittens?
If you, or anyone you know is thinking of opening your heart up to a kitten …. or are ready for ‘double the fun’ …heh heh heh …… with the pair, email me at the webmaster link on the site and I’ll pass your email along to the kind folks who are trying to find these lads a good safe home. ( )

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