Its Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

JUNE IS ADOPT A SHELTER CAT MONTH!!! If you are looking to adopt, or even just to help out, there are lots of meaningful ways this month!This Saturday, June 6th:

  • S.H.A.I.D is having its 23rd Annual Yard Sale at the South Shore Exhibition Grounds in Bridgewater
  • The staff at the Amherst Veterinary Hospital will be holding a Yard Sale and BBQ in support of the LA Animal Shelter , while at the same timethe LA Animal Shelter volunteers will be participating in the 2009 Community Fair at the Amherst Stadium
  • Down in Shelbourne, P.E.T. PROJECTS is holding an adoption fair (for details see the poster abover🙂
  • At the same time, P.E.T. PROJECTS is also taking part in the Town Wide Yard Sale at Shelbourne, which is going on all day

On Saturday, June 13th, SCAR will be holding a Bottle Drive

In keeping with the spirt of Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, next sunday, June 14th, CAPS is holding an Open House and Baby Shower (see poster below for details) If you haven’t been to visit, it would be worth going for the CAPS Kitty Cottage Eye Candy alone.

If you can’t make to to any of these events, you can still go to Here Kitty Kitty and More Kitty Kitties to see the lovely kitties that are listed by the groups that use the petfinder service. Remember CATS ARE LIKE POTATO CHIPS – YOU CAN’T JUST HAVE ONE!

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