Happy Mothers Day

Tomorrow is Mothers Day so I better rest up. Its a good thing I can’t have kittens anymore because, honestly … I just wouldn’t have the time.
I have a lot to do every day and I can’t imagine where I would fit kittens into my schedule. Its my job to wake Mom up every morning so that she doesn’t sleep the day away.
I’m also the spokescat for Clive and George. We eat in Mom’s room because we have different food than the cranky one …. er I mean the Queen Bee. If I didn’t speak up, those two goofy guys would just wait for Mom to remember they might be hungry.
Don’t let my size deceive you …. I might only weigh half of what either of the boys do, but I’m smarter than the two of them put together. They think that every cat lives like this, but the sad truth is that cats are a bit like mice …. for every one that you see there are oodles more that you don’t.
I hear Mom muttering about that kind of thing all the time ….but honestly I knew that long before I came here. I was just a youngster myself when I got pregnant…. and the people who should have looked out for me tossed me aside like rubbish instead. Sheesh … whose fault was it that I didn’t get spayed, eh?
Didn’t they understand how hard it is for a cat on their own? Gee whiz, I was trying to look after my little kittens and I wound up being hurt so badly that I couldn’t even walk. Mom says that it was a real blessing that I was rescued by a No Kill Shelter like SHAID, because not everyone would have given me time to recover.
I’m never going to be an athlete … I can’t jump up everywhere that the boys can and I’ll always have a funny little hitch to my gait. And because I had babies when I was so young, I’m always going to be a dainty little miss.
I spent my first Mother’s Day in a shelter with my own little babies …. that turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. It was pretty discouraging there for a while, because my beautiful babies were all adopted but nobody even looked at me.
I wasn’t even a year old on my first Mother’s Day and everyone who came to the shelter walked right past me to look at the kittens. I was really lucky to be in a No Kill Shelter like SHAID, because it was months after that before Mom found out about me.
Ya never know … I might even let Mom sleep in for Mothers Day, eh?

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