America’s 15th Annual Adoptathon comes to Eastern Passage

This weekend, Healing Animal SCARS is taking part in the single largest pet adoption event in the world. They are partnering with the North Shore Animal League for their America’s 15th Annual Pet adoptathon.this weekend to find homes for rescued cats. .

WHEN: Saturday May 2nd and Sunday, May 3rd …. anytime from 9AM until 8 PM

WHERE: 143 Briarwood Drive in Eastern Passage.

WHO: Healing Animal SCAR

HOW: If you fall in love with one of their cats or kittens, they will complete an adoption application on the spot!

WHO: Sonya will have two very interesting fellows available, Ruffian and Homer and seven lovely kittens too!!!

WHY: Finding homes for these good cats will free up space and resources to rescue more cats in need…. sigh there are ALWAYS more in need

Pamela Sears from ca-r-ma has been invited to bring her cats along , such as .Phluffee B … AND

SCARS often posts listings for private adoptions …… the kind woman who rescued Baby Girl , Cranky Pants and Little Mac is going to donate the adoption fee she is charging to help SCARS carry on with its work.

Ruffian is such an interesting guy that his story is over on the pet blogs and Sonya also has a couple of You Tube videos of him at and

Sonya also has videos posted of Homer on You Tube at and another one of him living outdoors before she rescued him

Call Sonya at 469-MEOW (that’s 469-6369) for more details.

For more information about the North Shore Animal League and their Adoptathon,

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