When I am Old

When I am old… and no snickering please because fifty four is far from elderly …. I am not going to wear purple. Nor will I wear a red hat and spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves or satin sandals. Most importantly … when I am old I will not be adopting four footed youngsters.
When I am old, I will foster and adopt old pets. By then I probably won’t want to gallop through the woods for a couple of hours every morning and I will prefer their more sedate pace. I expect that will mean my pension will be spent at the vets …. as we all need a little more tlc when we get old.
I will not need to wait until I am old to do as I please because the best bit about turning fifty is losing the fear of looking foolish. It was very liberating to realize that I can do as I please now, because my eccentricities generally pass under the radar for most of the world.
When I am old, I will still eat brownies for breakfast and popcorn for Sunday Brunch. I will still speak my mind and scold politicians. My closet will still give the what not to wear people conniptions. And loving to cook will still be the only domestic thing about me.
But I will be sensible when I am old. I will remember that a well cared for pet can live well over a dozen years. I will remember how many mature pets I have listed on the homeless pet site who have become homeless when their owners became unable to care for them. I will remember how difficult it is to find good homes for older pets.
I will remember that my two good dogs who will turn three this year as I turn fifty five will, barring unforeseen sadness, still be with me in ten years time when I turn sixty five. I will remember that all my young cats who are here now should still be here with me when I am seventy.
So when I am old, I will be sensible …. at least about this.

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