A Pleasant Surprise

In the midst of all the sad little ads on Kijiji trying to give away pets … the ads for the four and five and six year old and older good cats and dogs …. in the midst of all the excuses …. the newfound allergies and moving and every other imaginable tale of ‘woe’ ….the kittens and puppies that were born because nobody spayed the mothers ….. there is a refreshingly different ad : Wanted: looking for a medium size cat carrier
Someone is moving to Toronto at the end of the month and WANTS to bring their cat with them.
So if anyone in the HRM area has a cat carrier they don’t need … email these folks who are moving and want to take their cat with them. (The address on the ad is Windmill Road in Dartmouth )
On a day when I’ve had to put all the dog leashes on my left wrist because it would seem that a couple of weeks ago I actually broke a couple of ribs when I fell, it was nice to see such a pleasant and unanticipated surprise for sure.

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