Noone’s taking our squirrels if we have anything to say about it

Our mom is baking… we can smell something cooking and we hope mom isn’t ruining a perfectly good squirrel that way. We are Oscar and Dora, and our mom said she is baking for the SHAR Flea Market , which is tomorrow at the Windermere Hall just south of Berwick.
We are the very best of friends and boy we’ve had quite a week. On Monday mom bundled me – Dora – off to her vet at the Berwick Animal Hospital to be spayed.
Did I mention we are the best of friends? Mom says that Oscar spent the whole morning crying and looking for me while I was gone.
When I came back from the vets, Mom put us both in her workshop so that I could be extra safe for the night. Oscar was supposed to be good company for me but honestly … Mom spent most of the evening and night fishing him off the rafters. He may be a lot bigger than me, but its pretty clear who the brains of this operation is.
Oscar can’t really help it, you know. Until this year, he was somebody’s indoor cat until they dumped him out here. He’s really lucky he found me because he didn’t do at all well on his own.
Mom had tried trapping me but I’m smarter than that … heh heh heh. So she started feeding me and after Oscar showed up she was feeding him too. He had no idea why Mom kept calling him Brigid …. but after we got brave enough to go to the vets with Mom for some silly poking and prodding, Mom apologized and started calling him Oscar.
I told Oscar not to sulk … we’re being fed here and we’ve got a snug dry little spot to stay out of the weather. Mom’s been muttering about fixing up the garden shed for us … but we’re just grateful for what we have right now.
Oscar’s pretty lucky Mom’s feeding us because he is the worst hunter and just sits under the bird feeder and hopes for the best. I’m a much better hunter and have put those squirrels on notice that they are not to hang around Mom’s house!
Oscar and I are great buddies … and Mom says now that I’m spayed we won’t have to worry about every Tom, Dick and Harry coming around. That’s a very good thing, because I still have to grow into these feet of mine and honestly … Oscar isn’t really tough enough to fight the boys off for me.
We are good buddies and are NOT interested in coming indoors. You should see how much havoc we left in Mom’s workshop …. heh heh heh. But we are very glad to be here and glad that Mom understands about all that.
Nobody ever asked Oscar if he’d like to be chucked away like a bit of rubbish. I don’t even know what happened to my Mom … most of the momcats that get dumped out here don’t survive for very long.
If you’re not doing anything tomorrow … Saturday … head over to the SHAR flea market. Mom says they have helped a lot of kitties like us and not everyone does that ya know? We had a lot of rocks thrown at us and a lot of mean people yelling at us before we found Mom.
Mom’s promised not to take any of our yummy squirrels in to the flea market either … apparently that wouldn’t be much help. She says the important thing is that SHAR helps the kitties and we sure can’t argue with that.

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