Meet the "poster kids’ from the St Catricks Day pages : ))))

Every now and then, I try to spark a little extra interest for the animals on the homeless pet site. Whenever I do this, I let the groups and shelters know to give them a chance to feature any of their kids.
Now admittedly, the St Catricks Day feature is a thinly disguised way to promote the beautiful black kitties around, but I was delighted to have the fun pictures that S.H.A.I.D sent to help dress it up.
On behalf of Brandy , Jack , Kirk and Tiny Tot and of course every good cat in rescue around the province, I would like to thank the fun folks at SHAID for taking the time to do this. The other two kitties are Magick, who is the official SHAID shelter mascot and Leo, who was just adopted.PS the smiley face kitty is Magick too!

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