A new numbers game while we’re waiting for the ship to come in

Do you remember when you were little and most of the games with your friends started with “Lets say” ?
Lets say someone has fifty female dogs. If they breed them twice a year, that’s 100 litters. If even only three pups per litter survive the crowding and inadequate facilities, that’s three hundred puppies.
If they can peddle each puppy for three hundred ( and many sell for much more than that ) that’s ninety thousand dollars.
One can’t help but wondering – is any or all of that income reported to revenue Canada?
Even when the animal loving public is galvanized into action, it still takes time for the wheels of government to turn. Yes, we did see speedy results last year when the politicians were flooded with voter feedback about Bill 138. But that was because we were asking them to remove clauses 6 – 8, not to draft completely new legislation.
Until the day when we have Puppy Mill legislation, existing legislation does not give the society sufficient authority, or funding, to pursue investigations in a timely fashion. Nor does it allow for penalties to act as a sufficient detterent. Just look at the numbers. Like drug dealers, backyard breeders and puppy mills regard any existing penalties as part of the cost of doing business.
This is a tough economic climate and now more than ever, CRA is pulling out all the stops to close the loopholes on the underground economy. Did you know that our tax department is actually famous for getting results and that countries around the world study them ?
While we’re waiting for our ship to come, why not rat out the local puppy mills and backyard breeders to Revenue Canada?

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