Pet Projects is having an adoption fair this Saturday

Have you been thinking about enriching your life by adopting a homeless kitty? Are you one of the really clever ones who understands what great companions that cats really are? Then you might just have found a really meaningful way to spend your Saturday afternoon this weekend.
P.E.T. PROJECTS is holding an adoption fair tomorrow at the Wood’s Harbour Fire Hall. ( Its been a long time since I’ve been down that way, but I believe that after you pass Barrington on the 103, if you look for the exit that takes you to the 3, that will get you there, after you pass Doctor’s Cove and Shag Harbour )
If you will recall, this is the same great group of folks who rescued Noah and Caesar. If like me, you have a soft spot for senior sweeties, they have another sweet senior dog, Noogie listed as a courtesy post on their site.
Any of these great cats would be worth the drive, even without the very modest minimum donation of $25.00 that they are asking for these purrfect pets. Not only that, but its a great chance to meet the folks from Pet Projects and see if helping out as a volunteer would be a good fit for you.
Best of all, Beauty, Bessie , Boo , Gemma , Kit Kat , Leo , Lexie , Mama Mia , Mr. Fancy Pants , Oh! Henry , Skittles , Snickers or Stanley Dude might just turn out to be the kindred spirit you have been looking for!

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