A Very Special Offer from the Yarmouth SPCA

The Yarmouth SPCA has a very special offer for two of the great pets in its care for qualified adopters. Like so many other lovely pets that “sit on the shelf” there is absolutely nothing wrong with either of them They are just quiet and unassuming adult pets who have been overlooked time after time.
Jelly Bean is a lovely adult female kitty who has been at the shelter since last September. She’s spayed …. she’s vaccinated …. she’s housetrained and she’s absolutely beautiful. She reminds me a lot of my own Kitty Bear when she was younger. For those of you who are unfamiliar with my lovely eldercat, she is by our best reckoning at least sixteen and still a force to be reckoned with.
Synder is a friendly, neutered adult fellow who has also been at the shelter way too long. He is a very handsome Lab mix with really striking soulful eyes. He is very clean in his run so they are sure he would be easy to house train. It has been my experience that adult dogs house train ever so much quicker than the youngsters. He’s not used to children and so they are recommending he go to a home with older children only. There’s a ‘no cat’ tag on his petfinder listing … but there are a whole world of folks out there who only want to have ONE pet in a house and not the petting zoo that this middle aged granny shares space with : ))))
The Yarmouth SPCA is quite fond of these two and is going to underwrite the adoption fees for either of these sweethearts …. for qualified adopters of course. I have always really liked that about them …. that they understand it is the screening process and not the adoption fee that ensures that their adopters can be trusted to take good care of their adoptees.

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