Unchaining Noah

I’m in and out of the petfinder and rescue listings around the province every day. This evening after our post supper stroll, I was deeply saddened to see this new listing for a sweet senior gentleman named Noah .

Oh dear – I was called about this dog this morning who has been tied out 24/7 for all of his life and who’s owner died several weeks ago. As I drove up, three men were trying to coax him out of his house…the only house he has known. The opening was for a puppy, but somehow he had manage to crawl inside. His face was gentle, but he was really scared. I could see that he was shivering. He looked so pitiful. I brought treats along and introduced myself to Noah, but I noticed his eyes watching the men. After their attempts for about an hour, to get him out, I asked them to step away and behind the truck. Gently I spoke with Noah and reassured him that I was there to help. I took a hold of his rope and lured him out with treats in my hand. He slowly came to me, his hind end limping. I called the vet clinic to see if we could get him in for a check up. I assumed due to the extreme cold, he was in a fair bit of pain. We managed to get him over to the car, but he didn’t seem to understand. It took another 1/2 hour to get him in for the journey to the vet. I spoke to him along the way and he settled in and laid down. At the vet clinic, he wagged his tail and was a perfect gentleman. Yes, he is old. Yes, to rescue a dog that has had very little contact with humans and still wags his tail is unreal. If I was tied out on the end of a rope for 14 years I’ld want to bite someone’s face off. He will be in the clinic overnight for observation. He needs a warm, loving caring place to carry out his remaining years on this planet. If you are interested in giving this to this old fella, call 875-2367, e-mail info@petprojects.ca or call me personally at 637-1560. I don’t know how these dogs stand such loneliness and isolation. Poor guy. Needs a chance to know love. Shelly
As someone who is doing whatever it takes to keep my old friend McG comfortable and happy in spite of his serious health issues, stories like this just make my blood boil. I’m fifty four years old and I know that I mind the cold much more than i did even a decade ago. On a day like this even my younger dogs are quite happy to watch the squirrels from the cozy comfort handy the wood stove.
I can tell you from personal experience that introducing a good dog like Noah to the life that all dogs should get to lead is one of the most rewarding things that anyone can do. It is a joy to share the discovery of every new comfort and pleasure and treat with them. And I know I say this a lot in my pet blog posts, but there REALLY is more love than you can possibly imagine waiting for the person who opens their home and their heart to a good dog like Noah.

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