Missing Great Dane

Molly went missing on New Year’s eve from the Porter’s Lake area of NS. Please contact her owner if you have seen her. Molly the 1 year old great dane was spooked by fireworks and bolted new years eve. There have been no sightings. Any help would be appreciated. Her owners Sandy and Darrin can be reached at 827-2952 Molly is harlequin with 1 brown eye and 1 blue eye. This photo is from late August. She’s bigger now (about 110lbs) but it’s the best picture we have of her markings. She’s about 40 inches to the top of her head now. The eye in the black patch is brown. The rest of her head is white and the other eye is blue. She also has a small round patch of irritated skin on her left flank left over from an infection she had in the summer. It’s round and about 2-3 inches in diameter. When she left she was wearing a cobalt blue, nylon collar with a red rabies tag for 2008. The phone number on the tag is for Eastern Shore Vets in the Porter’s Lake Plaza.Her ears and tail are natural

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