What a difference a day makes

Sometimes the injustice of life is enough to make me weep. Cats and dogs are dying every day because their original guardians didn’t care enough to train/alter/care for and of course love them enough. Cats and dogs are dying every day because shelter staff keep on doing things the way they’ve always been done. Cats and dogs are dying every day because of stubborn resistance to change by those who are unable to admit that compromising their compassion was the wrong road to take.
There are moments when I am still four instead of fifty four … when I still expect life to be fair. This morning I took McG into the vets for what I thought was going to be a fairly routine senior citizen checkup. We’ve lived with his heart murmur for years and adjusted to the reality that last years dental surgery had stepped it up.
The short version of this story is there wasn’t any good news waiting in his xray ( Scotties are small enough that one xray covers their heart, lungs and tummy ) and his blood work. For the short term his heart meds have been stepped up to double strength and we’ll go back in four weeks for another ‘photo shoot’ and blood work. That will give us a better idea of what our timeline is.
The four year old in me wants to throw something. In a world where so many are so careless with the pets in their charge… it is utterly unfair that someone who is willing to do just about anything has no good options available. There is nothing that is operable. McG’s sodium levels are too low to allow for lasex. After a certain point of listening to what can’t be done it just became a blur.
McG is only eleven and has never had a hard day in his life. He eats good food and gets regular checkups. McG has never thought of himself as little… in his mind he has always been the biggest lad on the field.
I have been down this road before with other old friends… this bittersweet place where every day must simply be treated like a gift. McG has seen me through some very hard things …. for whatever time we have left it is for me to return the favour.

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