Santa Came to Metro

Uri , Angelica, Indy, Summer and Thomasina had a chance to meet Santa when he came to the Metro Shelter the other day. Of course Santa’s not telling, but its pretty easy to guess what they all asked him for.

Santa isn’t the only one visiting the Metro Shelter this year. Judging by the turnover on their Petfinder page, I would say that adoptions are up at the shelter. And no wonder – Metro is making much better use of Petfinder with nicer pictures and more informative details in their listings. If I’m not mistaken, they have more user friendly hours now for adopters. And best of all are all the reports I have been getting from adopters of how friendly and helpful the staff and volunteers have been.
Its a pretty simple equation – the more adoptions – the more pets that can be saved. And success breeds success by word of mouth as well. Every person who has a good experience… every person who doesn’t get treated in a curt or rude fashion… is one more person who will be telling all their friends and family about this.

Its a fact of life that every event usually affects at least a couple of dozen people on a personal level and that number gets squared when you factor in acquaintances and work friends.

So every adopter who has a good experience is actually a recruiter. Their Happy Tail can encourage a whole other world of folks to consider adopting.

At the end of the day, that’s even better for the animals than seeing Santa.

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