No Batteries Required

Holiday Trimmings are everywhere now
Even the streetlights seem softer somehow
Hanging the mistletoe, trimming the trees
Mailing the letters that start Santa Please
will I unwrap my gifts and say wow
Good will unto men is found everywhere
Even from those who don’t normally care
Neighbourhood grudges get put on the shelf
People start looking outside of their self
for ways they can help and can share.

So many good causes its so hard to choose
No one wants anyone needy to lose
When people are looking for ways to be kind
The animals often get left far behind
the stories of need in the news.

Love doesn’t need to be measured that way
For a pet in a shelter with no place to stay
If you find the room in your home and your heart
For a second hand pet who just needs a new start
You will wake up to love everyday.
with apologies in advance to all of you who expect decent prose, not cheesey poetry from me : )))))

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