Fourteen Very Special Kitties

These are fourteen very lucky kitty cats. Now why would I say that, when they are quite obviously in a shelter. Well these particular kitties are at SHAID , where they are pulling out all the stops for their long term residents. These are the fourteen kitties who have been at SHAID the longest …. so to help them out, SHAID has a very special holiday adoption fee for these kitties. It began on the first of December and will be in effect until the fifth of January. SHAID will absorb half the adoption fee for these purrfect guys and gals.
Some of them, like Boomerang are more mature….. while others, like Amos and Andy are still quite young.
SHAID is a No Kill shelter …. many of these great cats were at the shelter when I drove over to Bridgewater to adopt my own little Morgan ( And before anyone asks, no we weren’t out of homeless cats in the Valley at that time, but I was so taken by her brave story that my heart just went out to her. Morgan is very lucky she was rescued by SHAID, as other shelters at the time wouldn’t have held out any promise of hope for a cat who couldn’t walk….. but that is a tail for another day )
But.. back to the kitties who are there today….. SHAID is closed on Mondays, but is open to the public from Tuesday to Friday from noon until 3 pm and on Saturday from 11 am until 4 pm. They can be reached by email at and by phone at 902 543-4849
PS Morgan has been loved here with me since a year ago last September….. so that tells you how long some of these great kitties have been waiting for their Forever Homes. If Cagney , Salem , Boomerang , Diva , Sally , Sooky ,
Amos , Horace , Buddy , Josie , Keri , Andy , Beamer and Sky could sing for you, they would give you a chorus of I’ll Be Home for Christmas.

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