Midnight Musings

I just had an email from a friend who is one of the mainstays of animal rescue in this province and she is understandably upset about the small size of the fine for the Celtic Pet Case. This is a woman who regularly spends much more than that rehabilitating individual animals that she rescues.
We should never forget the state the animals were in when they were rescued. Nor should the events that followed ever be swept under the rug. The deaths of the Celtic Pets Six (seven/eight/nine????) will never be accounted for….. and that still breaks my heart.
I am fifty four years old, so I do understand there is no legal vehicle capable of achieving anything beyond today’s judgement.
I am fifty four years old and have learned over the years that most good people are quite content to be passengers. I still have that poster that reads “Do something… lead, follow or get out of the way” and still think it cuts to the chase.
I am fifty four years old and have also learned that when people wind up on the wrong bus, they are reluctant to admit they’ve been going off in the wrong direction. In many cases, they’ll ride the darn bus for miles after waking up rather than pulling the bell to get off.
There are still those around in the society who never got off the old bus. There are still those who would and will get back on the old bus if given the chance.
The only good to have come from this whole sad, miserable story is that – for the moment at least – the society bod is working very hard to get the bus back on track.
We should never never forget. But at some point we are going to have to forgive….. at least as long as the bus is heading to a better place.

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