A better day than I expected

It was supposed to be a really rainy day here. Instead the clouds are already trying hard to break up and the sun is actually shining though in places. On a balmy plus 16 day like this its hard to imagine its really November.
This morning I drove a good friend to the vet for his young dog’s annual checkup and vaccines. This is new ground for him, because he grew up in a world where taking good care of one’s dog meant feeding them well and letting them live in the house. Vet care never figured into that equation anywhere.
But his sister and I have been a ‘bad’ influence on him, so right from the start with this puppy he has been doing everything right. Brooke is a typical sweet amstaf mix and the apple of everyone’s eye at the vet. Last year when he went in to be neutered, they had to take him into the lunchroom to say goodbye to everyone before he could go home : ))))
When we walked in the front door of the vets, the first thing that caught my eye was a nice big poster for the Kings County SPCA. Its bristle board sized and with an eye catching deep blue background. Along with the logo, there were well over a dozen good sized pictures of the cats they have available for adoption.
Well then… perhaps there are more than one kind of clouds breaking up around here.
Does that mean its time to break out the champagne? Not even close – the shelter is still sitting empty and by their own admission the cats in their care are only a fraction of the ones in need.
Still – even small steps foward shouldn’t be sneered at. While I was waiting for my friend to square up the visit at the counter, I noticed a group of three women come by who were very interested in the poster. When they came into the office, they were still talking about how much one of the pictures looked like a kitty one of them had just lost after long years together. Who knows how many other people will be interested in the kitties ?
When BOD members are reading Redemption, who knows what else might be possible?

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