Of sweet dogs and safe dogs and coyotes singing in the night

The coyotes are singing tonight – close at hand by the sounds of it. Ruby has been here for seven months now, so we no longer go ‘hang gliding’ back to the house at the first howl. McG has never worried about them – he’s been here since he was a baby and the little man will be eleven on the 27th. And Henry….well Henry is as much Ruby’s dog as mine I fear. If she isn’t worried, thats good enough for him : )))
Honestly, I wish that coyotes were the biggest hazard that dogs are facing in this province. Everyone is horrified when a dog becomes coyote chow. Yet every day dogs are killed for no better reason than having the bad luck to have an irresponsible owner. Not every dog in need makes it into rescue. Not every dog lives to tell the tail.
I wish I could wave a magick wand and come up with a good, quick solution for the animals. As times become more difficult, more and more good pets will be put in harms way by being dumped. Is it illegal to do that? Of course it is, but how many times do the culprits actually get caught?
I wish I could wave a magick wand and create a place where everyone took such good care of their pets that there was no need for the homeless pet pages. But until that day, I will keep blogging for the animals, for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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